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Floral Tributes 

Your floral tributes and farewell flowers are very important to us. We like to make sure that we get them just right for you.If its a simple posy, a heart tribute or something more personal from start to finish we want to ensure we get the right tribute and the right colours for your loved one.

We like to give you our time so we will arrange to speak with you over the phone to guide you and assist you on the perfect floral tribute.

Please do contact us by phone or email whichever you are most comfortable with and we will keep everything very simple for you and stress free.

Please call Georgia on 07913 929221

Email :

Ordering your Funeral Tributes

Georgia  offers a personal yet simple service for your funeral tributes.

Understanding that it needs to be just right without any stresses.


Georgia will visit you at your home for arrangements that need more attention and guideance. Our promise is that each and every arrangement we make is made with very special love, care and attention.


To discuss or order you funeral tributes please call on 07913 929 221 or email at





Each arrangement is different and each piece is made to your personal preference.


The prices below is a guideline of costs only. 

All pieces can be made to a budget you have set in mind and all arrangements can be personalised to a particular colour, shape, design and flower.


Sheef                                                      Starting from £40.00

Double Ended Spray in Oasis           Starting at £55.00

Posy Pad                                               Starting at

                                                                 12" £65.00

                                                                 14" £86.00

                                                                 16" £116.00

                                                                 18" £145.00

Single Heart                                         Starting at

                                                                12" From £66.00

                                                                14" £82.00

                                                                16" £95.00

                                                                18" £126.00

                                                                21" £175.00

                                                                Custom size - please call 

Pillow                                              14" £75.00

                                                      16" £86.00

                                                       18" £100.00

                                                       22" £170.00



Open Heart                                         Starting at 12" From £65.00

                                                              22" £180.00


                                                               24" Starting at £108.00  -2 foot

                                                               48" Starting at £220.00 - 4 foot

                                                               72" Starting at £340.00 - 6 foot


Butterfly Shape                               Starting at £175.00


Gates of Heaven                              Starting at £185.00


Angel                                           Starting at £160.00


Football  3D                                 Starting at £160.00


Shield                                                 Starting at £155.00


Dome Shape Posy                           Starting at £55.00


Coffin Spray                                     Please contact for size and price



Please contact us for special requirements of colour and flower


Please contact me for special requirements.

Tel: 07913 929 221



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