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About Georgia

It all began when I was just 13 years of age. My friend and I were sitting in class having a right old whinge that our parents had told us we had to go and get a part time job to be able to support our weekends antics so we decided to head up to the local florist in our village and ask if there was any jobs available after school hours.  

We were in luck! We were offered 2 days a week after school 3pm-6pm at £2.50 an hour. Our job was to strip and condition the flowers that had come in from market, place them in clean water buckets and then pack up the shop display at the end of the day. As time went on I became part of the furniture purely through the love of the people I worked for and my new found love for flowers ! 

Over time, I learned how to make bouquets and the care that flowers needed. I loved the colours, the textures and how each flower was so pretty in its own way, most of all I loved the smell that excelled from flowers mostly stocks and peonies. I watched and helped Weddings, tributes and arrangements come together and it truly excited me to be part of it all.


Unfortunately, the shop closed in 2013 due to personal reasons and I thought that was the end of my job working as a part time florist assistant until I was asked by friends to create tributes and wedding flowers. I was a little unsure at the time. I had no confidence at all in going alone with creating arrangements but I took the plunge everyone around me had all faith in me and so now here I am! 

I am so happy and proud to say Ive created hundreds of bouquets and arrangements for lots of lovely people.

I have created an array of floral designs for many couples for their special day, helping to create the perfect setting.

I am super lucky to have the help of my dad and my husband always on call to help with building me something to support my designs or using their amazing DIY skills which is often needed not to mention the many deliveries they have jumped on board with. Also, my super amazing mum, sister and my best friend always happy to step in and use their artistic skills to help me with large events. Without them, I don't know what I would do.

So, for anyone that wishes to discuss a beautiful bouquet being sent to someone special or discussing your floral ideas for an event or your wedding day  or even if you'd like to speak with us about how we could help you at work or home I am always available to discuss this with you over a cuppa and a piece of cake. 


"Creativity is Contagious- Pass it on!"





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